We want to take a moment and give you more information about us!

We are rebranding! LD- Auto Marine Fleet will help us to move forward as not just a detailing shop, but as a location where any cosmetic maintenance, reconditioning services and electronics need can be serviced on an array of vehicle types. We also offer Marine Flooring in the forms of SeaDek and Flexiteek!

Our services are taken to another level of quality and we take pride on setting ourselves apart from any other facility. Our customer base consists of personal, government and numerous types of businesses that receive various forms of dedicated service.  LD- Auto Marine Fleet takes great pride in exceeding customer service and giving a consistent quality on every job. 

With over 8 years in operation, LD –Auto Marine Fleet’s experience in the cosmetic maintenance industry has grown and we have experienced staff that provide support and communication for every customer. LD-Auto Marine Fleet has shown that we can improve the value of any vehicle and prepare a maintenance package that will exceed your level of expectation after that service! 

We thank you for taking the time to get to know us and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Louisville Detailing 

Perfection is in the Detail



We accept cash & checks. All major credit cards are accepted with an applied 3% convenience fee.

Yes! We are fully Licensed and Insured! Proudly serving Kentuckiana since 2005!

about Us

Gene started this business over 8 years ago with the goal to provide a professional service within the auto industry. His passion for detail and meticulousness has aided in the evolution that is Louisville Detailing. Gene never gives up and will bend over backwards to aid friends, family and often complete strangers. His drive for his business is unlike anything seen before and isn't easily duplicated. Past business, Gene loves to spend time with his family and on his farm getting his hands dirty.  

Gene Hughes