Meticulous hand wash with a Level 3 cleaner, rinse, & blow dry on all exterior surfaces. Clay Service (Fine/Heavy). Steel wool windows and chrome. Bug sponge on air stream, Dressing of tires & fender wells, Cleaning of exterior windows with a Level 3 cleaner

INCLUDES: Back Taping of Rubber, Covering Interior/Trailer with Plastic for Reconditioning Services, Prep of Trailer for Wax, Polishing of Propeller

ADD ON: Acid Wash, Trailer Removal, Removal/Repair of Grommets, Removing Approved Stickers

The Premium Wash above is done prior to one of the following:

LEVEL 1: Meguiar’s Marine Cleaner Wax

LEVEL 2: Meguiar’s 67 & Marine Cleaner Wax (or Flagship Premium Marine Wax) 

LEVEL 3: Meguiar’s 67(twice) & Marine Cleaner Wax (or Flagship Premium Marine Wax) 

ADD ON: Sanding (per job- test spots required), Stripe Removal, Vinyl Decal Replacement, Spot Reconditioning for Notated Damage


Meticulous hand wash, rinse, & chamois dry on all exterior surfaces

ADD ON: Debugging, tire dressing, multiple covers, rear of hull, outdrives

**trailer removal is not offered for this service.


Meticulous hand wash with a Level 2 cleaner, rinse, & blow dry on all exterior surfaces, Steel wool windows and chrome, Bug removal, Cleaning of exterior windows with a Level 2 cleaner, wash of trailer with dressing on tires.

INCLUDES: Outdrives, scum line, rear of hull, all covers

ADD ON: Final inspection on trailer, acid wash, Trailer Removal, Polishing of Propeller

Perfection is in the Detail


**Prices are based on size & condition. Prices are subject to increase or decrease depending on condition and unforeseen variables that may arise (all done with approval). Fees may apply to the excessively dirty.**

We accept cash & checks. All major credit cards are accepted with an applied 3% convenience fee.

Yes! We are fully Licensed and Insured! Proudly serving Kentuckiana since 2005!

Exterior Wash Options

Gelcoat Wax/Reconditioning Options

Marine Detailing

​See our Levels of Service below for a brief description. 

Mobile Detailing is available free of charge after the total ticket has reached $325. Yes, You can include more than one vehicle to get to that $325! Services under $325 and over 25 miles from the shop earn a $.056 per mile charge and $35 per hour travel time. 

Exterior Wash  for Wax/Reconditioning

Each of the following areas used to itemize services:



Air Blow Out, Wipe Down with All in One (A1) Cleaner Seat Compartments, Ski Locker, Carpets- Tornado and Vacuum

ADD ON: Spot Treatment


Air Blow Out, Wipe Down with A1, Magic Eraser, Brushes for Meticulous Clean, Mild Shampooing on Carpets, Seat Compartments Wiped Out, Ski Locker Tornado and Vacuum


Includes Level 2 Options and adding Degreaser for Discoloration/Stains, Follow up with A1 Wipe Down, Blow Dry, Carpets are Shampooed with Degreaser, Seat Compartments are Degreased, Ski Locker is Shampooed with Degreaser

 ADD ON: Wax Interior Walls, Cleaning of Head (toilet), Personal Compartments (kitchen cabinets, fridge, bathroom cabinets, bedroom closets, etc.)