Marine flooring demands better, and with ReflexPLUS, we deliver. Our 100% PE material exceeds the competitor’s EVA blend in Adhesion, Durability, Stability, Wearability, and Stain Resistance. But you don’t have to just take our word for it, because we’ve proved it. In a series of independent lab tests, we put our material up against several of the toughest competitors in the market. Turns out, they’re not so tough after all.

Sticks down and stays down.

Sure, their stuff looks nice, but those pretty boys peel under pressure. And after a long day of fishing, that’s the last thing you want to see in your flooring. In a wet and dry peel-strength test, we stuck ReflexPLUS and the competition down for 24 hours and measured the force it took to pull them back up. Scoring 3.2 to 5.1lbs. per square inch when dry and 5.4lbs. per square inch when wet, the competition tried their darndest but was no match for ReflexPLUS, which came in at 6.9lbs. when dry and 9lbs. when wet.

No bull. Just durable.

How much can one piece of flooring take? Quite a bit, if it’s ReflexPLUS. In a hexapod tumbler test, ReflexPLUS and others were tossed around relentlessly in a spinning drum to measure appearance retention. The lab geeks were merciless, putting the samples through a dizzying 12,000 cycles. The competition scored a 3 out of 5 for moderate changes to appearance, while ReflexPLUS was far more durable, scoring a 4 out of 5 and revealing only a slight change.

Our shrink don’t stink.

When things get steamy, you want flooring that stays stable. So we put ReflexPLUS and others in an oven to measure expansion or contraction. The competition experienced up to 1.02% shrinkage at 140°, and at 160° their goose was cooked, with up to .48% shrinkage. Ouch. But ReflexPLUS looks great with a tan, showing 0% change at 140° and just .25% shrinkage at 160°. So when the heat is on, ReflexPLUS keeps its cool.

No worse for wear.

Marine flooring needs to take a lot of abuse. We’re talking about a “let’s take this outside”-style butt-kicking. So we put ReflexPLUS and its competition through the wringer by pressing samples against a rotating abrading wheel to simulate normal wear and tear; then, we measured the amount of product that wore off over time. The competitors dropped weight like an anchor from the bow, losing as much as 1.70% of their mass, while the wheel was wasted on ReflexPLUS’s superior wearability, shaving off a mere .39% of muscle.

No stain in our game.

When the boat’s rockin’, things start droppin’. Whether it’s gasoline or oil when you’re working on the engine or a condiment-covered hotdog, stains are a real eyesore. In a stain resistance test, flooring was pitted against gasoline and oils, sunscreens, red wine, condiments, and other typical boating spill hazards. The competition caved, succumbing to five out of ten items and leaving varying levels of stain severity. When ReflexPLUS took on all ten exposures, only two (motor oil and grease) left behind a slight visual change proving it passes muster even with mustard.

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